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At Sunny Hill Farm, I take great pride in raising one of the most regal, loyal, and loving companions a person could ever have, the European Doberman.

     My name is Ronnie Arnold and I have been involved in breeding family dogs since 1989.  I was raised by my grandfather who bred Shetland Sheep Dogs, which I continued to do until 2011.  I never thought I would own a Doberman, or start to raise them for that matter, as I was misled into believing they were a 'bully breed' and 'attack dogs.'  Thankfully, I met a friend's 120 lb male European Doberman that proved those to be misconceptions.  It was through 'Duke' that I fell in love with the breed  and actually fell in love with 'dog' all over again.  I then started doing a lot of study before purchasing my first female Doberman in 2012. 

     I am a small breeder, focused on quality, not quantity.  Puppies are raised in the home from day one and given tons of attention and interaction with each puppy until they go off to their forever homes.  This in itself helps build better quality Dobes, as they do need a lot of love.  Devotion to healthy puppies starts with DNA testing of ALL dams and sires through Embark for VWD, DCM1, DCM2, and DM, and hips/elbows certified by the OFA.  By all current available methods of testing, all steps have been taken to create quality, healthy puppies.  Stringent deworming and vaccination schedule starts at 2 wks of age, futher insuring a healthy start for the new life. 

     To anyone interested in owning a Doberman puppy, I would love to be the one to raise it for you.  I do strongly encourage some breed study if you have never owned one.  Dobermans require room to run and sufficient exercise time daily.  Equally as important as a proper diet, they also require YOUR TIME and LOVE.  So,  for those who may be living in a small apartment or have a busy lifestyle and rarely home, then a Doberman may not be the right companion at this time.  I want all customers to be happy with their puppy, but also want to ensure that each and every one of my puppies that leave Sunny Hill will have a wonderful, happy life.

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